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Ravenholdt Assassin

This feat is a situational version of a benefit Cruel Shadow gives permanently. Blood Devourer Shifting Shifter, D - An extra static damage instance per encounter can be a good nova booster if you've tweaked your extra damage high enough, but you should really have better feats to take than this. Brutal Shroud D - Brutal 1 for your shroud dice. Nearly, but not quite, negligible. Better for sub-zero fighting builds, where this effectively becomes an at-will ability.

Less than once per encounter, in other words.

Don't waste your time. Not quite a tax feat, since you'll have CA a bunch anyway due to flanking, invisibility, etc. Cursed Shadow D - Requires Warlock. This feat gives you the Shadow Walk class feature, which is both useful in itself as a concealment source and opens up feat and item support. Darkness's Wings D - Shadar-kai specific feat. Recharge shadow jaunt by expending shade form. Viable in conjunction with other shadow jaunt optimizing choices. Darting Shade D - Run away as a free action with shadow step after you take damage while in shade form. If you're using Shade Form, you might want this one to replicate the effect of Vanish and free up a utility slot.

Deific Instrument D - Requires Avenger. Devastating Shroud D - Whenever you score a crit with a shadow power, your shrouds don't vanish. Considering all your best encounter powers involve critfishing, this feat's a great way to keep the nova rolling. Note that this feat is not very high priority in heroic, but if you're MC Avenger you definitely want it in mid-paragon.

Disciplined Killer D - Requires Monk. Deal 1 extra damage per shroud on FoB against your shroud target. Another chaff feat. Eilserv's Treachery D - Drow-specific feat. Recharge Shade Form by wasting Cloud of Darkness. Emerald Scale Concealment Dragonborn, D - Invisibility on dragon breath wouldn't be a bad rider, but it's only against targets you hit and it only lasts until the end of your current turn, not your next one.

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Eternal Void Memories Deva, D - This would be the same as Blood Devourer Shifting in the marginal category, but in order to use it as a Revenant you'd have to buy Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes, which is totally not worth it. Far Shadow Drow, D - Use cloud of darkness as an area burst rather than a close burst. This is a marginal Assassin selection, though popular for Seeker Executioners. Flickering Fortunes D - Githzerai-specific feat. Use shade form as a free action when you second wind. Not useful by itself, but there may be some potential in combining it with the next feat on the list and the Psion Dark Reaping recharge feat Mind Rot.

Grave Dust Assassin Revenant, D - Thanks to the timing on Assassin's shroud, you can both invoke your shrouds and deal damage "as if" you had invoked your shrouds, doubling your shroud damage.

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Very nice, and one of the many reasons Revenants own this class. Hidden Insight D - This feat makes enemies you're hidden from unaware that you've shrouded them. Not very useful in practice, since even if your DM does have creatures act aware of your shrouds when you're hidden from them, they'd have to find you or run off to do anything about it. Horns of the Shadow Reaper D - Minotaur-specific feat.

Gives an attack bonus and a shift when using Goring Charge on your Shroud target, which actually may be useful in conjunction with Opportunity Gore to reuse your racial. This is the feat that makes the STR-secondary Assassin possible, enabling some very unusual builds. Hunter in the Gloom Shadar-kai, D - While you're insubstantial due to your racial power, your attacks against AC are instead against reflex.

Hunting Shadow D - Wilden-specific feat. Say, you know that at-will power Leaping Shadow, the one I told you to by no means take? This is that, but in feat form. Inexorable Shroud D - This feat makes up to two of your shrouds transfer from foe to foe, both when your allies kill them and when you do.

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Thanks to timing, this is true even if you invoked on the killing blow. An essential pick for every Assassin. Use Stealth instead of Bluff for your racial power. Insidious Shroud D - Changling-specific feat. Place a shroud when you succeed on your Changling Trick bluff check.

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Killer's Insight D - It's that same "bonus shroud once per encounter feat", but this time it's not tied to a racial power. Leaping Shadows D - Use shadow step whenever you drop an enemy. Good for mobility, essentially the same benefit as the Fey pact boon. Lolth's Embrace D - Drow-specific feat. Place a shroud when you hit with Darkfire.

Your ranged Sorcerer attacks don't provoke from your shroud target. Merciless Nature D - Wilden-specific feat. Redundant to Cruel Shadow. Mind of Flawless Sight Kalashtar, D - Ignore concealment and cover against targets subject to your shrouds.

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Super Stealth Gameplay 3

Gnomes aren't a great race for Assassins, but this does have some optimization potential in conjunction with other Gnome support. Murderous Hunter D - Requires Ranger. You can use your Hunter's Quarry damage on a miss with two or more shrouds. There's unfortunately no real use for this, even for purposeful miss-whoring. Totally redundant to a number of other feats you get access to, such as Shadow Reservoir. Nightmare Step D - Consolation prize feat, lets you slide creatures a square on a miss with fear powers. Oathbound Stalker Avenger, D - Bonus to teleport distance, but only when teleporting adjacent to your Oath of Emnity target, so only useful once per encounter at absolute most.

If you're a Dwarf Assassin with shade form, it was probably because you saw this feat. Quick and Dead Revenant, D - When you use dark reaping, your Shadow Step gets one longer for the remainder of the encounter. Low priority, but potentially useful. Reaping Ki Revenant, D - Minor, once per encounter consolation prize for missing with four conditions to meet.

Resolve of the Iron Terminator Warforged, D - You have resistance against attacks by creatures subject to your shrouds equal to the number of shrouds. Heroic Assassins are adventurers who kill for the greater good.

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Sometimes they are paid for their services, but mere money is not what drives the Assassin; an Assassin fights for justice in places where the law favors the wicked. Some Assassins are sent to infiltrate the courts of powerful leaders and serve their patrons loyally for years, secretly keeping an eye on their benefactor to ensure he or she doesn't slip from the path of true justice. As an Assassin, you weave the magic of Shadow into your more mundane combat arts.