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I left the field of mockery and everything else I quickly lost those pounds and very quickly I was not looked at the same way. People no longer thought of me the same way Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I had not done this program. Thanks to him for showing us that a year-old can be as determined as an adult, and that it's easier to put your finger on the place that hurts us, the quicker we get it. When you know exactly what you want, and what you do not want, you have much more strength to succeed. Thank you for this inspiration and see you soon If you want to know more about the obesity of children and adolescents and the harassment of overweight children at school:.

To gain weight after a mourning, or how a young dad succeeds to reverse the process and lose 25 kilos. The story of the young dad I'm going to talk about today and who's also a love story, about a son, who will have to mourn his father whom he totally worshiped and worshiped, but he has a lot of trouble when I meet him to accept the death of his father.

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He takes a lot of weight, and is quite confused, because he is himself becoming a dad. Too much responsibility lies with him at the same time as the tremendous suffering of his father's loss, and he does not believe at all in his ability to handle the situation. He has a position of high responsibility and he is very efficient in his work.

He is married to a lovely woman, too, with a great job, but his world has collapsed, and he does not believe in anything anymore. It takes kilos on kilos, and no longer feel the slightest combativeness; he will make many attempts to lose weight, because this weight also weighs heavily on consciousness, fatigue and he feels that this weight is really the beginning of his loss, and he sees a total slippage of his life that promised to be brilliant , a let go that does not fit him.

But he no longer has faith. He is very worried about his future when he comes to see me for the first time, he is confused, sad, worried, tired, and does not know how to get out of it. He also has the responsibility of his mother and the management of the family patrimony, his own family, his business that does not allow him the slightest flaw. He feels overcome by circumstances, and wants to crumble. We talk about his father, and I sympathize with him since my mother also left me and I know the terrible feeling of loss?

But I ask him what his father would wish for him, and at that moment, he understands the meaning of my request, and will find in him the urge not to give up in the face of the adversity of the situation he will get down to the program with all his strength and fight to save himself.

But especially with it in mind, the idea of?? He will not only lose 25 kilos in 5 months, but will rebuild himself, and become a present and responsible son for his mom, who organizes his mother's life as best he can, the awesome and funny genius dad that he is for his two little babies, and a wonderful husband, no doubt, since he is simply filled with strength, love, loyalty and a sense of duty.

Here is an excerpt from his very touching testimony: "The results did not wait, I saw my body transform day by day, boosting my motivation and my desire to succeed. I returned to lost feelings: self-confidence and the joy of life and I left aside the systematic defeatism and self-denial that had settled in me at the same time that I am amassing my extra pounds. When I see myself 5 months back, I can say today with great pride that I lost more than 20 kilos and that I returned to my appearance and my figure.

Le traitement du stress (1/2) - Joyce Meyer - Vivre au quotidien

Sophie, I thank you for helping me out, I thank you for your constant encouragement and your motivating words. I owe you a lot! It has been several years now that he has lost weight and recommended me to many of his friends and cousins.

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To all, he confirms that Smart and Light is the best program to lose weight. He calls me constantly when they are following the program to find out where they are and how it is going. He is a truly exceptional being.. And I thank him for the example he gives to others. I think that up there, someone must be so proud of him.

And you surely have people up there who are watching you doing what you are doing, and who must be really proud of you. To learn more about emotional shocks and weight gain:. A guide and a friend, for my son and me With obvious happiness I discovered Smart and Light. I was very reluctant before starting, but each week proved to be a game, a challenge, a challenge. Aided by the "Road Book" I overcame the difficulties. No feeling of hunger, a morale of steel, I can only congratulate Sophie and her team for their active support during these eight weeks of program.

A coach up to the challenge, a super coach always available and listening. I thank Sophie from the bottom of my heart to have accompanied, supported, guided throughout this journey.

En finir avec l'angoisse, l'anxiété et la dépression

She always does it, she is my guide and my surest friend in this quest for form and well-being With all my affection and friendship! I was very reluctant before starting, but each week proved to be a game, a challenge. No feeling of hunger, a morale of steel, I can only congratulate Sophie and her team for their active support during these eight weeks of the programme. Vancouver, Canada Toronto, Canada Calgary, Canada Adelaide, Australia Perth, Australia Auckland, New Zealand Helsinki, Finland Hamburg, Germany Zurich Geneva Kiev, Ukraine Douala, Cameroon Harare, Zimbabwe Dhaka, Bangladesh Lagos, Nigeria Tripoli, Libya The world's most liveable cities is an informal name given to any list of cities as they rank on an annual survey of living conditions.

Liveability rankings are designed for use by employers assigning hardship allowances as part of job relocation.

Quinze années d'études rousseauistes (II)

What were we doing before that? At the end of 4 years, you start seeing a modest million dollar heap. What was the coin doing before that? After we settled down, we discovered ways to domesticate plants about 12, years ago, discovered metals about years ago and started writing things about years ago. Long Answer For the first , years we remained in Africa until some unexplained sequence of events started forcing them outward. Then humans started walking and it took multiple generations for them to survive the deserts Africa to reach Europe and Asia, and later the Americas.

Imagine walking the Sahara or Arabian desert with no shoes, water cans or camels. Only when we started settling, did we have the time and resources to build something that could be passed on to the future generations. Without that settlement, great ideas would have died with the person or the tribe. Our first major settling down happened around BC Sedentism. When you have just a couple of million people spread in this big wide world, there is little that humanity could collectively build. From that point until 20th century, we had a very low life expectancy about 30 years.

Imagine if we all died by the time we reached 30, how much we could learn from our parents and how much can we teach our kids. Given the low life expectancy of early humans, there was not much time to learn and teach. We just started randomly doing whatever we could to survive. Early humans didn't find a way to use the fire in a controlled way. This means we often lived in the dark no fire means no lights , cold and scary place.

Only since about , BP we started using fire in a controlled way and it took a lot of trial and error. Early humans used primarily stone tools and until about 50, BP these were quite crude. They helped a little bit in hunting, but didn't take us far. We had to wait until BC to get our first metal - Gold. With metals, we could tackle a lot more elements and do far more tools.

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We didn't have any animal to help us out. We first started domesticating dogs and later sheep, pig, horse, etc. By BCE, many groups of humans found habitable regions to grow their tribe. As large groups of humans started gathering and work year-around in the same place, we found ways to share and transmit ideas. Trade was discovered and humans suddenly found spare time to do stuff. Until that point we spent most of our time in survival mode.

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Once we could crop and store stuff, we had plenty of time for pleasure. That meant that we could start building stuff for worship and living , organizing into more complex groups and start specializing. It was about BCE when we actually started putting our ideas into a pictorial form.

Until that point, most of the ideas that humans generated would have evaporated. Imagine, if we had no science books. Each generation would have to discover Newton's laws and all other scientific theories by themselves. With writing, we could stand on the shoulders of others. Then we discovered the wheel about years ago. This allowed us to travel fast and transfer products and humans between regions. Then the rest is history.