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Paris: Presse de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris, StaO: 1a SH Barmeyer ; Johannes Engel. StaO: , S. Januar , S. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst.

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Bonn, , S. Unter Mitarb. Bertelsmann Stiftung, Dezember 50, S. Paris: Fondation pour l'Innovation Politique, , S. StaO: 23 Ein SD StaO: B RA Sozialwissenschaftliche Schriftenreihe; H. SIAK, StaO: 1a Basora, Adrian A. Bendikov, I. Frolov, K. Tsygankov and Pavel A. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, Updated by Tatiana Fedorova. Studies Houndmills , 49 December 4, S. Dezember 49, S. Korolev, V. StaO: Goldman, Marshall I.

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Forschungsstelle Osteuropa. Bremen, StaO: 11 SF StaO: 1a SG StaO: 1a Cooley, Alexander: U. StaO: 1a road for cooperation or a thorny road of prejudice? Sergi and Querim Qerimi. StaO: H RA StaO: Smarzynska Javorcik, Beata; Spatareanu, Mariana: To share or not to share : does local participation matter for spillovers from foreign direct investment? Council of Europe StaO: 1a a research team StaO: ethnisch-kulturelle Erbe - Chance oder Last? In Coop. StaO: Crisis Group. C , 3 January-February 3, S. Wellstead ; Richard C.

Vancouver, Kupchan and Peter L. Center for American Progress Aus dem Engl. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Iraida Aguirrechu.

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Bush ; Nouri Kamel Al-Maliki. StaO: 1a Wellstead, Adam M. Between values and interest or beyond? Hamburg: IFSH, StaO: Dittmer. Green ; Nicholas Szechenyi. StaO: 1a Simon, Sheldon W. Gross ; Hannah Oh. Andrew Terril. StaO: 1a Kapur, S. Paul; Ganguly, Sumit: The transformation of U. StaO: Walsh, James I. Paul Kapur and Sumit Ganguly. StaO: 18 Mauzy, Diane K.

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Mauzy and Brian L. StaO: 1a Huckabee, Michael D. StaO: Hulsman, John C. StaO: 18 Steinberg, James B. ISBN -- auch erschienen auf englisch u. StaO: Kupchan, Charles A. ISBN -- auch erschienen auf spanisch u. StaO: B Terrill, W. Andrew: Jordanian national security and the future of ca. StaO: F Widen, J. StaO: 18 Cooley, Alexander: U. Bill Delahunt Recommendations for restructuring U. Drell and James E. Daalder, Michael H.

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Fuchs, and Morton H. In: Military Technology Bonn , 31 12, S. StaO: Rice, Susan E. StaO: 1a Kimmitt, Robert M. StaO: Rockman, Bert A. Rockman and Eric Waltenburg. Ackerman , Robert M. Danin, Ph. Charles R. Snyder [no statement], Mr.

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Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia. Gary L. StaO: SF StaO: 1a Youngers, Coletta A. StaO: H SG StaO: Educational Fund. StaO: H Educational Fund. Dezember , S. StaO: untapped resource in U. StaO: 18 SI StaO: H SF Interrogar la Actualidad. In: Ecuador Debate Quito , agosto 71, S. StaO: enforcing the U. StaO: H RD Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra, Mercosur : integration into the world economy or market access for EU firms? Did they all behave equally?

StaO: RD StaO: SD StaO: H Did they all behave equally? Santiago de Chile: Catalonia, Olimpio Pereira Jr. StaO: H Eugenio Tironi. Santiago de Cali, StaO: H David Sowell. Arnson ed.

Nacional de Colombia, VIII, S. StaO: B Molt.