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Other members of the Gotham City Police Department have played prominent roles in Batman's extended "family". Batman regularly interacts with other DC superheroes in titles such as the Justice League of America. A few, however, have a marked presence in the core Batman titles:.

Batman comics have introduced many classic villains.

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His rogues gallery is one of the most identifiable in modern fiction. Some of Batman's rogues gallery are notable for sometimes functioning as allies as well as villains. Recently, emphasis on the psychological motivations of Batman villains have painted them in a much more sympathetic light than in their earlier stories, most notably Mr.

Several characters featured outside of modern Batman canon are of note:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Gotham City Police Department. Main article: Justice League.

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Main article: List of Batman family enemies. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. November Retrieved Amazons Attack! In Dougall, Alastair ed. The DC Comics Encyclopedia. New York: Dorling Kindersley. Screen Rant. Entertainment Weekly. Batman characters.

Ace the Bat-Hound Titus. Alternative versions of Barbara Gordon Alternative versions of Joker. Catwoman Batman Returns Rachel Dawes. Links to related topics. Encouraged Dissidence [] 4. Point of Order [] 5. Evacuation Underway [] 6. Only What You Can Carry [] 7.

Active Resistance [] 8. Soldiers in Waiting [] 9. Redress of Grievances [] The Issue Remains [] Day in Court [] National Prejudice [] 2. Barbershop Preacher [] 3. Interracial Interactions [] 4. Community Visits [] 5.

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To Give or Take [] 6. Question of Substance [] 7. Forced Intergration [] 8. Elements of Change [] 9.

Opening the Eyes [] Conflicting Voices [] Here I Stand [] Welcome to the Big House [] 2. In the Yard [] 4. Prisoner Interviews Part One [] 5. Job Assignments [] 6.

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The Warden [] 7. Incident Reports and Hearings [] 8.

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Held Indefinitely: Cuban Refugees [] Prisoner Interviews Part Two [] A Prisoner's Rap [] Expanding Family [] 3. Helping Others Help Themselves [] 4. New Addition to the Home [] 5. Learning to Fall [] 6. Remembering the Good Times [] 7. Music to My Ears [] 8. Concentrated Effort [] 9.

Progress Is Made [] Time for a Vacation [] Arriving and Departing [] Heaven and Earth [] 2. Words in Motion [] 3. Desire for More [] 4.

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Sheepish Lion [] 5. Breathing In [] 6. The Rake's Progress [] 7. Tuning the Instrument [] 8. Stiff Competition [] 9.

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Playing the Part [] Close Proximity [] Standing Ovation [] Credits [] Guillermo [] 3. Rafael Cano [] 4. Juan Carlos 7 Misclaida [] 5. Oscar Del Valle [] 6. At Sea [] 7. Immigration Interviews [] Miriam [] First off, I do not like scary stories. I don't like horror. Why then did I read this book? I'll have to admit that it wasn't the cover, the description, or the title. It was the fact that I had read three other books by Aiden James that I just loved.

That led me to Cades Cove which I had gotten during a free giveaway but that doesn't mean I'll read it. I can always delete a book.