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Questions and concerns can be emailed to experts asu. Renowned as one of Russia's premier journals of cinema, Iskusstvo kino offers more than Russian and foreign movie reviews, articles on filmmaking and cinema culture, criticism, and essays. Iskusstvo kino traces Russian arts and culture from the 'socialist realism' era through contemporary filmmaking. Note: This is a trial resource until July 19, Description: It includes a wide range of journals, ebooks, and research reports in the field of sustainability.

The subjects of resilience and sustainability are explored broadly, covering research on environmental stresses and their impact on society. An e-book collection of leading authors from around the Arab world. Includes over 11, titles. Classified by 27 genres and subject areas. Krasnyi arkhiv was a scholarly historical journal published in Moscow in Published important archival materials on the history of Tsarist Russia and the early years of the Soviet Union.

The Krasnyi Arkhiv. Digital Archive contains the entire collection volumes, 1, articles, more than 23, pages , completely digitized with full-image browsing and full-text article-level search and browse functions. Subjects include: Arts and humanities Cultural heritage Economic affairs Business and industry Ethnic diversity and anthropology International relations Political affairs and law Archaeology Significant religious events Society and social welfare.


Note: This is a trial resource. Designed especially for institutions of higher learning, it indexes books and articles on language and linguistics, literary theory and criticism, world literature, folklore, and the dramatic arts. A video collection of the most common mental health disorders nurses may encounter — whether in a primary care setting, emergency room, medical, psychiatric or other. The visual examples prepare nurses to assess, diagnose, and manage health issues in patients. Nursing Education in Video This link opens in a new window.

A video collection for the educational and training purposes of nurses, nursing assistants, and other allied health workers. Topics covered include airway management, anatomy and physiology, anxiety disorders, basic clinical skills, cardiology, communications, nutrition, and more. The videos in the collection were created under the guidance of MedCom-Trainex, which is the world's largest producer of nursing education videos.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Literature This link opens in a new window. A dynamic, peer-reviewed digital encyclopedia about literature in its broadest sense. The essays range from broad interpretive ones to specialized entries. This change was possible because of a random mutation in the wild populations at the beginning of wheat's cultivation. Wheat with this mutation was harvested more frequently and became the seed for the next crop.

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Therefore, without realizing, early farmers selected for this mutation. The result is domesticated wheat, which relies on farmers for its reproduction and dissemination. The earliest human attempts at plant domestication occurred in the Middle East. There is early evidence for conscious cultivation and trait selection of plants by pre-Neolithic groups in Syria: grains of rye with domestic traits have been recovered from Epi-Palaeolithic c.

By 10, BCE the bottle gourd Lagenaria siceraria plant, used as a container before the advent of ceramic technology, appears to have been domesticated.

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The domesticated bottle gourd reached the Americas from Asia by BCE, most likely due to the migration of peoples from Asia to America. The first domesticated crops were generally annuals with large seeds or fruits. These included pulses such as peas and grains such as wheat. The Middle East was especially suited to these species; the dry-summer climate was conducive to the evolution of large-seeded annual plants, and the variety of elevations led to a great variety of species.

As domestication took place humans began to move from a hunter-gatherer society to a settled agricultural society. This change would eventually lead, some to years later, to the first city states and eventually the rise of civilization itself. Continued domestication was gradual, a process of intermittent trial and error, and often resulted in diverging traits and characteristics. Some plants, such as the macadamia nut and the pecan , were not domesticated until recently. In other parts of the world very different species were domesticated.

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In the Americas squash , maize , beans , and perhaps manioc also known as cassava formed the core of the diet. In East Asia millet , rice , and soy were the most important crops. Some areas of the world such as Southern Africa , Australia , California and southern South America never saw local species domesticated. There are many challenges facing modern farmers, including climate change, pests, soil salinity, drought, and periods with limited sunlight. Drought is one of the most serious challenges facing farmers today.

With shifting climates comes shifting weather patterns, meaning that regions that could traditionally rely on a substantial amount of precipitation were, quite literally, left out to dry. In light of these conditions, drought resistance in major crop plants has become a clear priority.

Next, transferring these advantages to otherwise vulnerable crop plants. Rice, which is one of the most vulnerable crops in terms of drought, has been successfully improved by the addition of the Barley hva1 gene into the genome using transgenetics. Drought resistance can also be improved through changes in a plant's root system architecture, [55] such as a root orientation that maximizes water retention and nutrient uptake.

There must be a continued focus on the efficient usage of available water on a planet that is expected to have a population in excess of nine-billion people by Another specific area of genetic improvement for domesticated crops is the crop plant's uptake and utilization of soil potassium, an essential element for crop plants yield and overall quality. A plant's ability to effectively uptake potassium and utilize it efficiently is known as its potassium utilization efficiency.

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Cereals , rice, wheat, corn, sorghum and barley, make up a huge amount of the global diet across all demographic and social scales. These cereal crop plants are all autogamous, i. By breaking a single large population of cereal crop plants into several smaller sub-populations which can receive "migrants" from the other subpopulations, new genetic combinations can be generated. The Bambara groundnut is a durable crop plant that, like many underutilized crops, has received little attention in an agricultural sense. The Bambara Groundnut is drought resistant and is known to be able to grow in almost any soil conditions, no matter how impoverished an area may be.

New genomic and transcriptomic approaches are allowing researchers to improve this relatively small-scale crop, as well as other large-scale crop plants. Not overlooking particular crops that don't appear to hold any value outside of the developing world will be key to not only overall crop improvement, but also to reducing the global dependency on only a few crop plants, which holds many intrinsic dangers to the global population's food supply.