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Of course, the composer is free to alter the text as he sees fit.

There are a few places where he might have deviated from the score I did not try registering those. Also, his playing is exceptionally clear and transparent in general. He does not try obscuring any detail by excess use of the pedal. Rachmaninoff plays the standard cadenza. There are lyrical moments as well, of course, but less than in other interpretations.

Here we can hear what Rachmaninoff meant with cantabile , and what a good tempo for the melody is and we are again reminded of the fact that Adagio means calm, not slow! It is interesting to see that the composer makes fluent transitions between duplets and triplets in the right hand, after 30 the left hand constantly plays triplets here. Rachmaninoff skips the 29 bars between 45 Meno mosso , through 46, up to the Allegro molto. I already had this as an LP box — this re-release is split onto two separate CDs.

It is possible that this choice imposed a limit to the tempo selection who am I to judge whether that alternate cadenza is technically playable at the tempo chosen by, e. But the same holds true for the other movements, so I doubt that the cadenza was the only decisive factor.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18

The main impressions from this recording are: this is a very exceedingly lyrical, soft, romantic interpretation. The Allegro ma non tanto feels rather like an Andante.

Franz Liszt - Piano Concerto No. 2, S.125 {René Duchâble}

In direct comparisons, the interpretation sounds almost boring, and sometimes e. I also think that Ashkenazy rarely really reaches p and pp in his part. The dynamic scope appears limited to mf.. The music from the orchestra feels like damp, hot air in a tropic summer night.

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At this tempo, the melody e. In the rhythmically intricate passage after 44, unintended? In the bars preceding 54, there are serious coordination issues with the woodwinds oboes, clarinets. Overall, I think that this interpretation of the last movement does not differentiate it enough from the middle movement which also features plenty of rapid passagework!

However, there are tons of recordings around with this cadenza!. The concert with the Rachmaninoff concerto took place in December in Berlin the Tchaikovsky concerto was recorded in February She is observing the dynamic annotations much more closely. Especially the bass notes in the left hand are hardly audible: to me a sign of showing off the virtuosic aspect.

The music would have profited from a dynamically more balanced approach. The recording technique has its limitations here: the orchestra is sometimes almost covered by the piano. But that may be attributable to the live recording. I could not resist and was looking around for that recording. So, here it is: the Rachmaninoff Concerto No. The recording location is not given. As far as I could see, he — sadly! My colleague may or may not be right — this recording definitely earns one superlative: it is faster than all others, even beating Rachmaninoff himself!

The accompaniment remains relatively compact, sounds legato. There is enough opportunity to show fast playing throughout the rest of the movement. Where he gets an opportunity e. But for the most part, of course, the composition is dominated by the piano part. Kocsis plays this with the same urge as the initial instance, but this time giving it a wonderfully soft touch. Thereafter, the initial theme returns, this time mirroring the first instance. Compared to Yuja Wang , Kocsis appears to use more pedal, the piano sound is softer, dense, rather romantic than extroverted.

Rachmaninoff : Piano concerto Nr. Her technical abilities are fantastic!

London Symphony Orchestra - 8 things you didn’t know about Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No 2

And her playing is again astounding! But she also has a strong lyrical side, e. It completely hides the tremendous technical challenges in this concert. But for me, it is an excellent and absolutely valid interpretation! The interpretation definitely slimmer, far less overblown, more lyrical than overly romantic in general. Her playing is near-perfect. To me, this movement is also more cantabile than any other interpretation, in the true sense of the word.

Other arrangements

I could repeat my statements from the previous movement and the orchestra part fits right into this picture! She dares lowering the volume to pp and beyond, where appropriate! A nice detail in the orchestra: the brass sound in the ritardando leading into the Scherzando prior to 48 is exceptional. Quickly realized that one can easily get lost even just with this one concerto. I have located some 38 YouTube recordings, thereafter I gave up. I did not try rating these recordings — in fact, I only listened to a few of them at full length.

Some notes on the table first:. With some artists, there are several recordings — if so, I have preferred postings with the complete Rach 3 in one video posting, even if that meant stills only rather than video e. If I have forgotten key recordings, please let me know — both tables can be amended. I also heard him perform it live at an outdoor summer concert in New York. Both experiences gave me goosebumps and continued to do so for years after.

Having said all this, I think I agree with your own assessment of these four performances, at least as far as the ranking goes. Thanks for your comment, Thomas! One need only look at the extraordinary touches which have been applied to the cadenzas of the Fourth Concerto to quickly see this. Yes if one considers that they present state-of-the art musicological research, fascinating and readable historical introductions, and new insights at every turn, the extra cost is more than justified.

Ludwig van Beethoven No composer has had as profound and sustained an influence on immediately following generations to the present day as Beethoven. KG, Stuttgart. Baptized in Bonn on December 17, thus probably born on December 16, the son of Johann van Beethoven, a tenor in the court chapel of the prince-elector.

Acquaintance with the Breuning family, where his literary interest is aroused. Journey to Vienna. He travels a second time to Vienna, where he will remain until the end of his life. Composition of the Symphony No.

Brahms: Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major for Piano and Orchestra, Opus 83

Beethoven rejects an offer to become the First Kapellmeister at the court in Kassel because his patrons, Archduke Rudolph, Prince Kinsky, and Prince Lobkowitz, provide him with a comparable yearly salary. Travels to the spa at Teplitz, where he meets Goethe. Piano Sonata in E minor, Op. Death of his brother Caspar Carl and the beginning of the years-long battle for the guardianship of his nephew Karl.

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