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Junko Mine. Jyunko Mine.

Silver Tongued Devil. Devil Doll.

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The Devil's Blood. The Devil Dogs. Devil's Rubato Band. Handsome Devil. Full Devil Jacket.

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You're The Devil …. A Bit of Devil. A Devil Like Me Nee…. A Devil's Possessio…. A Love Like Mine. Act V: Hymns with t…. All Back to the Mine. In , Mr. Kaniuk, then 17, served in the Palmach, an elite division of the Haganah later transformed into the Israel Defense Forces , and "," though formally a novel, is Mr. Kaniuk's first-person account of his experiences. The novel has a distinctive narrative style—thoughts of almost childlike simplicity come at a breathless pace—and the events Mr.

Kaniuk describes are often emotionally searing particularly since they are presumably based on real memories. It is a powerful book, but its power isn't all to the good. Kaniuk's outlook on war falls in the tradition of Joseph Heller's "Catch": a senseless display of violence in which no one really knows what the fighting is all about. I don't take that view of war, though senselessness and brutality are part of war and were no doubt part of this one.

The author himself—both the author and narrator are named Yoram Kaniuk—seems deeply divided about whether the Jews are entitled to a state of their own. One minute he seems to regret the existence of Israel—the new state's heirs, he reflects, "are idiots, fools, robbers, wicked people who've forgotten where they came from. Kaniuk from having to make any difficult claims about the moral right of Jews to a state in Palestine.

A more charitable view might say he is revealing the intrinsically ambiguous nature of all such claims. I find the former more convincing. She was pretty naive to be truthful. Everyone has their demons in this book for sure. There was drug addiction, adultery,a pedophile, etc.

This was not one of her best books. Dec 12, Paula Allen rated it it was amazing. I love how Mason seamlessly connected the major and minor characters to create a tale that mimics the interactions in life. The novel is a page-turner and I found myself hating to put it down. I've always been a fan of JD Mason and this current selection truly satisfied. May 16, Tramika Chatfield rated it it was amazing. As always, J.

Mason's book is always on pont. She has such a raw talent when it somes to writing. She has a way of making the reader see their own struggles in the characters and always brings out a message for the reader. So while you are being entertained by the story you are also being taught a valuable lesson thru the characters. Oct 11, Dee rated it really liked it. Not the best book I've read by this author, but it was still a page turner. I wish the ending would have been better.

Jul 29, Martine added it. My first J. Mason book,and it was pretty good. I really disliked Nora, she couldn't just leave Cole alone and get her satisfaction from someone willing to give it!!! She caused exactly what he said would happen!! Apr 06, Joy rated it really liked it. While it seems the characters have nothing in common, there is a bond connecting them in the form of Bishop, the pro-antagonist in the beginning. There is lots of drama and some really bad behaviors goin'on. It is a good read and I enjoyed it.

I only found this book mildly entertaining. The story line was dry, the characters were predictable, and not at all what I expected.

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This was my first time reading this author. Considering all that, I will give the author one more and hope the next read is better. Just my 13 cents Jan 12, Shannan Harper rated it it was amazing. When a funeral undertaker Bishop Fontaine his name, he's not a preacher , it alters the lives of several people he's connected to. JD Mason is just a wonderful author and this was a great stand alone story. Dec 09, Tanisa Bernard rated it it was amazing.

Mason is so motivating, i keep pushing toward a new day waiting on her next novel:! Mar 03, Yvonne rated it it was amazing. Another good read by J. Oct 30, Linda Strickland rated it it was amazing.

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This book was raw and very real. A wonderful book!!!!! Jul 07, Hope rated it really liked it.

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Rating 4. Aug 04, Pam rated it it was ok. It's not trashy but it's not prim and proper either.