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Published on Wednesday, November 7th, at p. Is the migrant caravan an invasion? In the days leading to Election Day, President Donald Trump cast a caravan of Central American migrants walking to the United States as a national threat and as a force that required military intervention. Published on Tuesday, November 6th, at a. But the way the voters cast their ballots on Nov. Published on Monday, November 5th, at p. Here is our summary of where the races stand in the final days before elections. Donald Trump on the campaign stump: His most glaring falsehoods It's been all over again, as President Donald Trump went into campaign mode and held rallies across the country to rev up his base.

When he spoke, accuracy was optional. Here's a running list of some of his worst excesses. Published on Monday, November 5th, at a.

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PolitiFact has been fact-checking the mounting misinformation about it. Published on Friday, November 2nd, at p.

PolitiFact readers' election questions answered Ahead of Election Day, we asked our readers what claims they would like to see checked. Dozens responded to us, from coast to coast, with questions and requests, so we got to work on finding answers. Published on Friday, November 2nd, at a. Published on Thursday, November 1st, at a. Fact-checking Trump's campaign rallies: the final stretch We're fact-checking President Donald Trump at the final stretch of campaign rallies for the midterms. The top 10 storylines of the midterms PolitiFact has been monitoring and fact-checking the midterm campaigns of in races across the country.

Published on Wednesday, October 31st, at p. Can Donald Trump end birthright citizenship with an executive order? Probably not Just a week before the midterm elections, President Donald Trump emphasized his hard-line stance on restricting immigration. In an interview, he not only took aim at birthright citizenship -- the longstanding policy that virtually anyone born on U. Published on Tuesday, October 30th, at p.

How large is the migrant caravan? Estimates vary We review reports of how many people are on the journey. Published on Monday, October 29th, at p. Marijuana legalization in 5 charts: A midterm report About two in three Americans now favor marijuana legalization, a record-high measure of public support for a drug the federal government still puts in the same category as LSD and heroin.

Published on Friday, October 26th, at p.

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Fact-checking misinformation about the migrant caravan Misinformation about a migrant caravan heading to the United States is spreading on Facebook and other social media platforms as users share completely false or misleading memes and posts that paint a skewed version of the facts. Published on Thursday, October 25th, at p.

PolitiFact Sheet: What we know about the caravan heading to the United States President Donald Trump said the United States was under assault by some Central American countries because many of their citizens were trekking north in a caravan and seeking entry into the United States.

Published on Monday, October 22nd, at p.

Can astronomy explain the biblical Star of Bethlehem?

The facts on taxes in 5 charts: a midterm report The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of -- the large tax bill passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Donald Trump -- is not getting mentioned much on the midterm campaign trail, perhaps because the public seems to be lukewarm on whether it was a good idea. But taxes, like death, are among the few certainties in life.

So we decided to take a graphical look at both the new tax law and the broader landscape of taxation in the United States. Published on Sunday, October 21st, at a. Did New York's John Faso break his promise to a woman with cancer? Congressman John Faso promised to protect a woman's health care. Whether he kept the promise is a source of political attacks. By Stephen Koff. Published on Thursday, October 18th, at a. From Donald Trump on down, Republicans say their plans provide the same protections. Health policy researchers say they might help, but they fall short.

Published on Wednesday, October 17th, at a. But they have ways to force Trump into action. Published on Tuesday, October 16th, at p. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Trump and Warren had sparred ever since Trump began calling her "Pocahontas" for saying on law school faculty forms that she had Native American ancestry, citing family lore from Oklahoma. Published on Monday, October 15th, at p.

ISBN 13: 9780988192928

Elizabeth Warren for having invented a family tree with Native American roots. He challenged her to take a DNA test. She did and it showed Native American ancestry. They found them credible. Health care in 5 charts: A midterm report Health care, particularly protections for pre-existing conditions, has become a key piece of the Democratic strategy to retake Congress. As the ads come fast and furious, here are five charts about health care to help to sort fact from hype.

Published on Sunday, October 14th, at a. With the help of experts, we annotated his claims.

Published on Wednesday, October 10th, at p. Trump moved from character tweets to a 4, character op-ed in USA Today to paint a doomsday picture if Medicare for All became the law of the land. With the help of experts, we fact-checked some of his claims. We dissect his super-charged language.

Published on Monday, October 8th, at a. The political rhetoric on immigration often ignores facts and important nuances about this complex issue. Published on Sunday, October 7th, at a. The statement was controversial enough. But some heard Kavanaugh go even further, saying that if confirmed to bench, "what goes around comes around. Published on Thursday, October 4th, at p. By John Kruzel , Manuela Tobias.

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Published on Monday, October 1st, at p. The facts on guns in 6 charts: A midterm report In our politically polarized era, few issues are as polarized as gun policy. As part of our effort to analyze key issues in the midterm elections through a handful of graphics, here are some of the factors shaping the gun policy debate today. Published on Sunday, September 30th, at a. A week to investigate: What a Kavanaugh probe might look like The Senate Judiciary Committee requested a supplemental check for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a day after hearing hours of dueling testimony from him and Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges the would-be justice sexually assaulted her in their youth.

Published on Friday, September 28th, at p. Your Kavanaugh-Ford hearing questions answered In the course of four hours, Ford talked about an assault in a bedroom some 36 years ago before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Published on Thursday, September 27th, at p. Published on Wednesday, September 26th, at p. Ahead of Kavanaugh hearing, some hear echoes of Anita Hill testimony As senators weigh the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh amid allegations of sexual misconduct, many Americans are thinking back to a previous example of accusations against a Supreme Court nominee.

Published on Tuesday, September 25th, at p. Trade and tariffs in 5 charts: A midterm report As tariffs and counter-tariffs hitting the agriculture and manufacturing industries mount ahead of the midterm elections, we decided to revisit some trade basics using five charts. Published on Monday, September 24th, at a. Medicare in 5 charts: A midterm report Republicans used to talk a lot about reining in Medicare spending.

Now, not so much. We look at the shift and help you sort out the wrinkles on Washington's very, very big health insurance program for the elderly and the disabled. Published on Tuesday, September 11th, at p. Published on Friday, September 7th, at a. PolitiFact adding coverage of pivotal U. House races PolitiFact is bolstering its coverage of pivotal U.

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House races to help sort out fact from fiction on the campaign trail. By Louis Jacobson , Manuela Tobias. Published on Friday, August 31st, at p. John McCain fought to clean up money in politics. Are we better off today? John McCain made campaign finance reform one of his signature issues as he ran for president in , promising to restore faith in public politics. His years-long crusade led to the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of , championed alongside his Democratic colleague, former Sen.

Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.