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This post is about flint and steel. Last night when I got into the time-machine, I set the dial to arrive in the year , which was a couple of years after Hagar the Horrible went into circulation. Browne was born on August 19, and his first comic strip was Jinny Jeep, which he created for the engineering unit of the US Army. Until the mid-fifties, he worked worked as an illustrator for magazines and advertising agencies, but in , he got together with Mort Walker Yes, Mort Walker of the Beatle Bailey fame, to create Hi and Lois.

The Browne and the Walker family still work together on that strip.

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As I always say, genes are important…very very important! Any way, as it always happens with any smart and intelligent cartoonist, Browne too began to feel some spiritual unrest. He wanted to create his own strip. One that would be built around his ideas. So in , Hagar the Horrible was born with a shaggy beard, a beaten horned helmet, a shield and a spear, and the comic strip was syndicated by King Features Syndicate in newspapers and magazines world-wide.

Dik Browne died on 6th Jun Hagar the Horrible is syndicated to newspapers including The Times of India in 58 countries and is also translated in 13 languages. Some of the important characters in this comic strip are:. Hagar the Horrible is a Viking warrior who induces fear in the hearts of his enemies, but at the same time, he loves his family and his dog.

Hagar has a friend — a thin, reed-like unlucky! Helga is fussy about hygiene and is always found nagging Hagar for his not-so-clean ways.

Vito Corleone:

Helga wants her daughter Honi to grow up with traditional values, but quite like the modern day teenager, Honi has a mind of her own. This of course is not appreciated by Helga and so Helga and Honi are often shown having mother-daughter disagreements. Honi wears a winged helmet and she can be quite intimidating when she wants to. Hamlet loves to read. He is quiet and studious and unlike his sister, completely disinterested in being what he was born to become, a Viking.

Hagar wants the boy to become a Viking, and he feels ashamed that his son should not want to follow the Viking order. Hagar loves him and is seen trying to make the dog obey is commands. The characters in Hagar are the kind of people that you find in the real world, yet their characteristics have been exaggerated at times to build the contrast. The humor is simple.

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For every person who loves doing crosswords, there are perhaps 10 who have neither the time nor the inclination to tire out their gray cells…. Who else but Frank William Abagnale Jr. Edgar Hoover , a. Every sensible biography must begin with the birth of its subject.

As it happens, most people who go on to become famous in their lives, come from a broken home; so was the case of Leonardo whose parents separated when he was a toddler. He was an artist…even better, he was a comic book illustrator.

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Leonardo went to work at the tender age of 5, but was kicked out of the show for unprofessional behavior?! One thing led to another, and then I saw him in Titanic the movie, I mean, not the ship smooching Kate Winslet. I checked out my parameters of handsomeness and wondered why the west found him good-looking! He was nineteen then. I read that 28 Kabul Barbers were apprehended by the Taliban because they were giving those kids the Leonardo-Haircut! The yet-unnamed-Leonardo decided to kick his mom for the first time when she stood admiring a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Geniuses of all types make me feel optimistic and happy…and knowing that Frank William Abagnale Jr. I watch movies because I want a break from work. This movie puts your mind to work, and that too in the highest gear.

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The movie left me with a headache that refused to leave me for two whole days! Edgar Hoover is right now running in the theaters. Introductory Gibberish — Skip it! Last night when I got into my Time Machine for my umpteenth trip into the past, I forgot to check the fuel-meter. Only when the machine stopped whirring and began coughing and spluttering, did I realize what sort of idiot I had been! Thankfully, the machine stopped in the year , and gasoline had already been discovered. However, the point that I am dying to make is that I turned lucky as the Time Machine materialized in the backyard of a house in France.

I stepped out of the machine and looked around. There was snow all around me — and in fact, there was a snowman too. I did a double take when I looked at the snowman. Believe it or not, the snowman looked exactly like Asterix! I shuffled my memories…trying to get the timeline straight. The world okay, France first met Asterix the Gaul in !

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And then I saw a young man wearing earmuffs, a fur jacket, and a pair of snow-boots No. He was sitting on a log with an A3 Sketchbook on his knees. He was sitting there, drawing people with gigantic noses! His noses are the biggest in the world of cartooning — and if you tell me otherwise, you must not have read Asterix comics.

I asked the young man about the snowman, and he told me that the snow-guy was a figment of his imagination. Obviously I asked him for his name, and he told me that he was Albert Uderzo. Ebooks and Manuals

Asterix the Gaul lives in a little Gaulish village that remains unconquered despite rest of the Gaul having been captured by Julius Caesar. The secret of their invincibility lies in a magic potion that Druid Getafix fixes for them. After the villagers tank up on the magic potion, they bash up the Romans and pack them off. While Asterix is the main protagonist, there are a lot of other important characters too, and each of them has his own distinct personality. The second most visible character is Obelix.

Obelix is huge and dumb while Asterix is small and smart. Obelix has a cute little dog a terrier, I believe who is called Dogmatix who was called Idefix in French. Then there are the others. The main and the constant opponent is Julius Caesar who is unable to accept the fact that this little Gaulish village makes minced meat out of his able troops.

Each Asterix book tells a story. The stories are usually set in an around the Gaulish countryside, but sometimes Asterix, Obelix, and Dogmatix travel to distant lands. Why am I, the forever cynic, sold on Asterix comics? The characters, the action-lines that make the scenes come alive, the strength and the smoothness of the drawings, the composition of the scenes, the details of the clothes, buildings, and places — and the dialogs too! Rene Goscinny did most of the writing while Albert Uderzo did most of the drawing…but both could draw extremely well.

Unfortunately Goscinny died rather young — at the age of In , he suffered a heart attack while he was taking a stress test. This happened while Goscinny and Uderzo was working on Asterix in Belgium. This book was later completed by Uderzo. Thus, Adventures 25 to 34 were created by Uderzo alone. Mozart, they say, was a musical prodigy. Even before he was five, he could play the keyboard and the violin, and he performed in front of the Royalty. Obviously such performances today will lead to protests by various organizations that safeguard the interest of children…so it was good that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in and not in With that little detail out of my way… I present the caricature of the wigged musical genius, Mozart.

Mozart was born on a cold wintry morning in the January of , in a place called Salzburg. Mozart was born with the musical gene riding his y chromosome, which he got from his dad. Ebooks and Manuals

Incidentally his dad also had the right connections he himself was in the court orchestra, and a teacher of music. I can imagine a three-year old being tutored by his dad, and a six-year-old being made to perform in front of the royalty — it sends a shiver down my spine! In , when Mozart was 17, he got the job of the court musician at Salzburg. Unfortunately, job-satisfaction evaded him.