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Watchers/ Nephilim

Therefore I pray: Either make me immortal, or give me a son! Chapter 6 talks of how the angels saw and lusted after the daughters of men. The angels descended on Mount Hermon during the days of Jared. And they taught them magical medicine, incantations, the cutting of roots, and taught them about plants. And the women became pregnant and gave birth to great giants whose heights were three hundred cubits.

These giants consumed the produce of all the people until the people detested feeding them. So the giants turned against the people in order to eat them. The Angels then taught women charms, enchantments, the cutting of roots, and the knowledge of plants. They taught men how to make various weapons and armor, and also arts and sciences. These acts led to an increase in lawlessness and warfare. The men of earth then cried out to heaven, and the 4 archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel cried out to God.

In response, God sent Uriel to warn Noah that there would soon be a flood that would destroy the wickedness on earth.

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Michael was commanded to bound Semyaza and his associates in the valleys of the earth. They will remain there until the day of judgment when he will be cast into the fire. The race of giants produced from this union gave way to a brood of evil spirits.

The evil spirits most likely are the departed spirits of the giants, themselves. These spirits are not material or corporeal beings, but they torment mankind because they have proceeded from them. According to 1 Enoch, these spirits will not be punished until the day of judgment, in contrast to the Watchers, who are punished both before and on the day of judgment. Evil spirits have come out of their bodies.

Because from the day that they were created from the holy ones they became the Watchers; their first origin is the spiritual foundation. They will become evil upon the earth and shall be called evil spirits. The dwelling of the spiritual beings of heaven is heaven; but the dwelling of the spirits of the earth, which are born upon the earth, is in the earth. The spirits of the giants oppress each other, they will corrupt, fall, be excited, and fall upon the earth, and cause sorrow. They eat no food, nor become thirsty, nor find obstacles. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of the people and against the women, because they have proceeded forth from them.

It implies that demons were already in existence during the time of the fall of the angels. According to 1 Enoch , the demons are the spirits which go forth from these angels. They have defiled the people and will lead them into error so that they will offer sacrifices to the demons as unto gods, until the great day of judgment in which they shall be judged till they are finished.

In these passages, a star either Semjaza or Azazel fell from heaven and began to pasture among the oxen mankind. A number of stars then fell and were transformed into bulls.

Christian Supernatural

They began to cover the cows the angels married mortal women , who then gave birth to elephants, camels, and asses the giants. Hence our predecessors were wont to ascribe to him their discoveries in wisdom and to name all their respective works Books of Hermes. The different ancient writers, however, being in conflict with one another, have in many places given different interpretations in regard to the particular essence.

It is necessary, however, to ascertain the truth in respect to them all, and then set it forth to thee concisely as we may be able. Translated by Alexander Wilder Hermes mentions this circumstance in his Physics; and almost every writing, whether sacred or apocryphal, states the same thing. The ancient and divine Scriptures inform us, that the angels, captivated by women, taught them all the operations of nature. Offence being taken at this, they remained out of heaven, because they had taught mankind all manner of evil, and things which could not be advantageous to their souls.

The Scriptures inform us that the giants sprang from these embraces. Chema is the first of their traditions respecting these arts. The book itself they called Chema; hence the art is called Chemia. Translated by Thomas Thomson. When, therefore, the number of men had begun to increase, God in His forethought, lest the devil, to whom from the beginning He had given power over the earth, should by his subtlety either corrupt or destroy men, as he had done at first, sent angels for the protection and improvement of the human race; and inasmuch as He had given these a free will, He enjoined them above all things not to defile themselves with contamination from the earth, and thus lose the dignity of their heavenly nature.

He plainly prohibited them from doing that which He knew that they would do, that they might entertain no hope of pardon. Therefore, while they abode among men, that most deceitful ruler of the earth, by his very association, gradually enticed them to vices, and polluted them by intercourse with women.

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Then, not being admitted into heaven on account of the sins into which they had plunged themselves, they fell to the earth. Thus from angels the devil makes them to become his satellites and attendants. But they who were born from these, because they were neither angels nor men, but bearing a kind of mixed nature, were not admitted into hell, as their fathers were not into heaven. Thus there came to be two kinds of demons; one of heaven, the other of the earth.

Watchers/ Nephilim

The latter are the wicked spirits, the authors of all the evils which are done, and the same devil is their prince. Whence Trismegistus calls him the ruler of the demons. They are acquainted, indeed, with many future events, but not all, since it is not permitted them entirely to know the counsel of God; and therefore they are accustomed to accommodate their answers to ambiguous results. The poets both know them to be demons, and so describe them. The philosophers also discuss the subject of these beings.

The art also and power of the Magi altogether consists in the influences of these; invoked by whom they deceive the sight of men with deceptive illusions, so that they do not see those things which exist, and think that they see those things which do not exist. These contaminated and abandoned spirits, as I say, wander over the whole earth, and contrive a solace for their own perdition by the destruction of men.

Therefore they fill every place with snares, deceits, frauds, and errors; for they cling to individuals, and occupy whole houses from door to door, and assume to themselves the name of genii; for by this word they translate demons in the Latin language. They consecrate these in their houses, to these they daily pour out libations of wine, and worship the wise demons as gods of the earth, and as averters of those evils which they themselves cause and impose.

And these, since spirits are without substance and not to be grasped, insinuate themselves into the bodies of men; and secretly working in their inward parts, they corrupt the health, hasten diseases, terrify their souls with dreams, harass their minds with phrenzies, that by these evils they may compel men to have recourse to their aid.

Translated by William Fletcher. For it is clear that if he had thought that men and not beings of some higher and more powerful nature were their fathers, he would not have said that the giants were their offspring. For it seems to me that he declared that the race of giants arose from the mixture of mortal and immortal. Translated by Wilmer Cave Wright But the men older than the deluge dwelt between the ocean and paradise : the offspring of Cain, indeed, inhabited the land of Nod, which signifies "tremulous;" the sons of Seth dwelt on the higher grounds in obedience to the command of Adam, that they should not mix with the offspring of the fratricidal Cain.

The descendants of Cain were of low stature, on account of the curse pronounced upon their progenitor, but the children of Seth were giants, and like the angels of God in the upper regions. But the daughters of Cain, going to them with various musical instruments, brought them down from the upper regions and married them; contempt of the law consequently increasing, the deluge arose.

And God brought Noah's ark across the ocean to Mount Ararat, and thenceforward, men dwelt on this earth. From whence it is evident, that the earth now cultivated was then deserted, for by the mercy of God, men dwelt, before the deluge, in regions near paradise, between paradise and the ocean.

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But the outward darkness of which Christ speaks, lies beyond para dise. For paradise, with the ocean, goes all round the earth. Eden is on the eastern side, and the two lights of the sun and moon rise within paradise, and having traversed it, set outside. Translated anonymously in The Foreign Quarterly. Section 1 4 [The Sethian sect] give their teaching in the following form: all things, they say, are the work of angels and not of the power on high.

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  7. Section 2 1 Two men were born at the very beginning, and Cain and Abel were the sons of the two. And in quarrelling about them the angels went to war with each other, and so brought it about that Abel was killed by Cain. For, they say, since the angels had learned that all their seed would be wiped out in the flood, they smuggled Ham in by some knavery to preserve the wicked stock they had created. Translated by Frank Williams Chapter Evil Angels Seducers.